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ЗА АНИМАЦИЈА НА СЦЕНАРИО и негово претставување во форма на ON LINE/видео ТУТОРИАЛ 

Општи информации за Конкурсот:

Конкурсот се распишува во рамки на регионалниот проект „Партнерство за помирување преку ран детски развој и образование во Европа ПРЕЦЕДЕ“, финансиран од Европската Унија преку Инструментот за претпристапна помош (ИПА) за поддршка на граѓанското општество.

Овој регионален проект го спроведуваат неколку партнерски организации од регионот и тоа, од Србија (Pomoc deci), Хрватска (Centar za Civilne Inicijative), Албанија (Partnerë për Fëmijët), Косово (Balkan Sunflowers Kosovo), Црна Гора (Deca prije svega), Северна Ирска (Early Years) и од Македонија (Првата детска амбасада во светот Меѓаши).

Главна цел на овој проект е подобрување на почитувањето на различностите и подобрување на инклузивни практики кај мали деца, преку активности за градење на мир.

Овој конкурс го објавуваат сите погоре споменати партнерски организации во соодветните матични држави. 


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„Hello. I’ve heard that you can teach me how to do action research which could be used in kindergartens or by groups to look at solving different kinds of problems.”


“Yes, you are right. In the frame of the PRECEDE project, some useful tools for doing action research have been developed and I am glad to teach you how to use them. Action research can help you recognise a lot of unseen barriers in the learning process of some children and then actively and properly address them, by collecting evidence-based knowledge about the key issues that should improve the equity of all children in your group or kindergarten.”


“I am really interested in that, because I would like to improve relationships among children in my group. One girl does not play with the other children, they often laugh at her and it seems that my colleagues are often angry at her. It really disappoints me. ”


“Could you explain what it looks like in daily practice and what could be the reasons for such situations? It is important to recognize the factors which contribute to such situations, because it is the first step of action research, named choosing to change.”


“That little girl lives in a really poor family and she does not speak our language well. When she arrived to the kindergarten, some children said that they do not like that she is with them, while others speak about her clothes, looks and language in an inappropriate way. If I try to highlight her good characteristics and motivate children to play with her, they protest and refuse to follow my suggestions.

In my opinion, we did not support the girl properly. In our kindergarten, she does not have enough possibilities to connect with other children, to build friendships, to learn the language, to have enough attention of teachers and other adults. Moreover, adults and peers often react in an inappropriate manner when she shows her dissatisfaction or is in a bad mood. Sometimes I have a feeling that we expect her to behave in a different way, to be a different person.”


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