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Newsletter Nu. 38

World Day of SOS phone for help and support of children
First Children's Embassy in the World, as part of an international network "CHI - Child Helpline International" - which unites SOS services to help children from countries around the world, already fourth consecutive year marks the 17 May - World Day-SOS phone for assistance and support for children in the world.

Today is International Day of Children –
Today is celebrated the International Day of Children - June 1st. A decision declaring this day as a special day was made by UNICEF in 1925 the World Conference on welfare of children held in Geneva, Switzerland, and represents a new beginning in improving the opportunities for children.

The Norwegian crime-police notified for the pedophilic scandal in Macedonia
OSCE diplomat does not own a diplomatic passport

There is law, but no protection for the children
Children trafficking, violence in schools and in family, abuse of child labor, street life ... Each year increasing numbers of complaints and reports of violations of children's rights. The competent institutions still claim that children do not know their rights and that many cases remain undetected. Ignorance and incomplete enforcement of laws have caused children not to be protected as it should. These conclusions marked yesterday's International Day of the Child.

The Children from the First Children’s Embassy Megjashi in visit of the Ministry of Finance
Deputy Minister of Finance Nedim Ramizi today in his cabinet of the Ministry of Finance has received children members of the Children’s Embassy “Megjashi”

After an anonymous call, Children’s Embassy Megjashi requires the Ministry of internal affairs to extend the investigation of the Norwegian for sexual abuse of children.

The Case of pedophilia of the employee in OSCE was reported to the Children’s Embassy Megjashi
At the SOS of the First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi has been reported cases of pedophilia of the employee of the OSCE mission in Skopje, they had already reported the case to the OSCE and the police. 

Seeking after 4 missing children in only one month
The disappearance of two children from Kumanovo with whom the number of children disappeared has climbed to four, confronted families and non-governmental organizations on one hand, and police on the other side.

Students were placed randomly on the streets while Topi visits Tetovo
The children who were waiting for the Albanian President Bamir Topi around Tetovo streets were manipulated and unfortunately included into the policy, react by the Children's Embassy Megjashi. The municipality, however, for this holiday declared a non working day at the schools in Tetovo, and the Ministry of Education argued that he heard no such thing.

OSCE diplomat had 30,000 pedophile photos
Over 30,000 pedophile pictures and a vast number of porn-clips with pedophile content were found in the computer of the Norwegian who worked as an official in the OSCE mission in Macedonia.

The number of complaints for violation of the rights of children in Macedonia every year is growing. Lately, also is increasing the family, school violence and violence in the streets. 

National Commission for Children's Rights in the Republic of Macedonia has accepted the recommendations of MNCCR
National Commission for Children's Rights in the Republic of Macedonia has accepted the recommendations of the Macedonian National Coalition of Children Rights and established the following suggestions to enhance the work of the National Commission on the Rights of Children in Macedonia : 

NGO’s warn the competent institutions
Shelter are not salvation for Roma children

More than 18.000 children are not part of the educational system
The state takes little care of children without parents Two million children are dying from diseases for which there is no vaccine ill children are sent home for further treatment Around 18,500 children in Macedonia are outside the school benches, including 2000 children at the streets, reported by Children’s Embassy Megjashi today's discussion on "Securing the right of education of Roma children

Is there a trafficking with children in Macedonia?
Parental neglecting, failing institutions, organized network of Children resellers and organ trafficking .All these are the reasons for more often disappearance of children in the country, say experts.

Global campaign for including all children in education - "One goal: Education for all"

The First Children’s Embassy in the world - Megjashi this year as well joined the Global campaign for including all children in education. In more than 100 countries throughout the world, famous global football stars are joined with millions of children with a goal everyone to have a possibility to go to school and to study. Besides the entertaining event we had on this very important issue, we hope to make a world record with the biggest held simultaneous class.

First Children's Embassy with new report and new projects for a better life of the children in Macedonia
First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi troughout our redaction informs about the alternative report, presented this year in February in Geneva. Violation of children's rights, beating up that take place in schools this is only part of the problems children face every day in Macedonia. In front of the Committee on the Rights of the Child at the United Nations in Geneva on the situation of children in our country spoke Elena Dimitrievska and Vaska Bojaxhi. Exchanged experiences and recommendations of the Children's Embassy, is now supported by National Committee on the Rights of the Child of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

First Children's Embassy in the World reach majority!
We at the Embassy Megjasi we raised awareness of the importance and necessity of respecting the rights of the child. Speak publicly to the many problems that children face. The children recognized us and they trust us to protect and to advocate - MA Zmijanac Dragi, founder of Children’s Embassy Megjashi.

OSCE did not comment the case for their employee who is suspected for possession of child pornography in the computer system.
"I have no comment for this issue, it is a matter for other authorities and I had no other information than those from the media" said Knut Vollebaek, the High Commissioner on National Minorities of OSCE.

Children’s Embassy Megjashi marked the World Day of SOS helpline for children and youth
First Children's Embassy Megjashi is part of the international network "CHI - Child Helpline International", which unites SOS services to help the children from countries around the world already fourth year in a row, marking the World Day of SOS telephone for help and support to the children in the world.

Action to include all children in education
Our country joins the Global Action Week 2010 to include all children in education, which begins today and runs until April 25 In more than one hundred countries around the world, a world famous soccer stars will interact with millions of children so that all can have the opportunity to go to school and learn. Although there will be an entertainment, the action will try to enter history by reaching the world record for most simultaneous hour.

The Commitee on the Rights of the Child of UN sent recomendations to the goverment of the Republic of Macedonia about the second periodical report and initial reports to the Optional protocols

54th session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC)-The Committee reviewed the second regular report on the Republic of Macedonia in terms of implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Mr. Dragi Zmijanac Executive Director and Founder of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi and Ms. Keti Jandrijeska Jovanova Attorney at Law Helsinki Committe for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia took part in the 54th session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC), taking place in Geneva on May 27-26.

Five new charity boxes were placed in Branches and Sub-branches of TTK Bank, and another one in the redaction “Kolibri” of the Newspaper “Nova Makedonija”
The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi in June starts its cooperation with TTK Bank and with the redaction ‘Kolibri”. After the request for placement of the charity boxes and the positive answer charity boxes were placed on this locations:

Newsletter Bristly No. 38

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