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SUSPECTED PEDOPHILE FORM OSCE ABUSED CHILDREN After an anonymous call, Children’s Embassy Megjashi requires the Ministry of internal affairs to extend the investigation of the Norwegian for sexual abuse of children.

"The Norwegian employed for senior positions in the OSCE monitoring mission in Macedonia, who reportedly sexually abused children. He was repeatedly offering them money, lured the children under the age 14 and in that way he was sexualy abusing them. Such accusations in an anonymous call last week approached the First Children's Embassy Megjashi stating details of pedophiliac scandal, which surged the public in the country.

As we heard in an anonymous phone call the SOS helpline for children and youth 0800 1 2222, unknown person even reported the names of children in the country, which were suspected of being abused. This call reached the Children’s Embassy Megjashi last Monday. One day after, activists of Children’s Embassy for the anonymous alert notified the Office of the OSCE in the country and the Department of Computer Crime in the Ministry of internal affairs.

The police confirmed that the letter that arrived last week was from Children’s Embassy Megjashi and that investigators in the past were checking the allegations of sexual abuse of children.

According to the detailed inspections conducted in the last period about the allegations of sexual abuse of children, none of the footage, nor the current investigation showed evidence that those children are from our country.

Also the recordings found in the Norwegians computer were checked, but for now the Ministry of Interior Affairs on any of the footage or picture could not find that it comes to children - Macedonian citizens, "said Assistant Minister of Information of the Ministry, Ivo Kotevski. Materials that police find inside the laptop of the High Representative of the OSCE will be sent throughout Interpol to determine the identity of children who have the pedophiliac photos.

The First World Children's Embassy Megjashi explains that adult caller, who wanted to remain anonymous, informed about his doubt that the employee who work in mission OSCE in Macedonia performed sexual abuse of children.

"Caller suspected that this person on several occasions offering money lured children under the age of 14 and that way he sexually abuse them. Given the age of the children, here it comes to pedophilia, "said Dragi  Zmijanac from Children’s Embassy Megjashi.

The Unit for combating computer crime, put criminal charges at Friday against 38-year-old Norwegian Isan Kjetil for "possession of child pornography”. Under the Criminal Code one that supplied child pornography for oneself or another or possess child pornography, shall be punished with imprisonment from five to eight years.

First Children's Embassy Megjasi required by the competent institutions to investigate whether there is guilt and on the basis of "sexual assault on a child, that offender could be punished with imprisonment of at least eight years or life imprisonment if committed by case sever bodily injury, death or other serious consequences for children or the work is done in particularly cruel or humiliating way. (D.T.)