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Newsletter Nu. 39

Reaction on the last case of incest that the father from Veles committed over his three daughters
            The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi on the last case of incest that the father from Veles committed over his three daughters contacted the Center for social work (CSW) – Veles and the Secretariat of internal affairs (SIA) – Veles.

Shocking case of incest in Veles
Does Macedonia get its own Jozef Fricl? Having in mind what was happening in the last period in one family from Veles, its more than obvious that the father sexually abused his three juvenile daughters. The bad dream lasted long time, since one of the girls had only one year! The incest, shocked the public and caused big reactions of conviction from the organizations for child protection, its discovered now, although according to certain allegation, the abuse of the oldest child began 6 years ago.

In Veles father monster has been detained
The Sector for internal affairs in Veles submitted criminal charge against 41 years old man from Veles, who last night has been detained under charges that he has committed incest with his three daughters at age of 3, 5 and 7 years. The father at the moment is in detention. The interview, according to the police, has been lasting during the night. He is charged for raping his three juvenile daughters. The Ministry of interior Veles, stated that 41 years old man denied that he committed this horrible crime. But, the police stated that after the medical analyses from City hospital they determinate that the three juvenile daughters have being raped with years and now have psychological problems and trauma.

The first child embassy “Megjashi” calls for most sever punishment for the father rapist from Veles
The children and adults are encouraged to report the violence in the closest police stations or at SOS telephone for children 0 800 1 2222 at the First Children’s Embassy in the World “Megjashi”.

The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi demands severe punishments
The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjahsi demands the most severe punishment for the rapist and the competent institutions not to exclude the possibility that the mother could have been an accomplice in this crime.

The Fritzl from Veles in custody, the children returned to their mother
Appalment, condemnation, death penalty requests and institutional accountability wanted are the public reactions after the police went public with the case of a 41-year old man from Veles who has continuously raped his daughters age 3, 5 and 7. Yesterday the Fritzl from Veles has earned himself criminal charges and the children were taken home along with their mother. The forth child in the family has been lucky in this tragic story - since it is still a baby, it has not been part of this atrocious act. 

The abused girls have been taken care of
The 4 under-aged girls from Veles, out of which 3 are victimized by their rapist-father, have been taken away from their mother and placed into foster care, in a family outside the city. Although the family has been receiving social pay from the country, the centers for social work were unable to detect the 7-year long sexual abuse of the children. The Minister Bajrami justifies himself saying that there’s no way they could’ve known.

Children’s traumas are hard to cure
The children that were raped by their father are placed in a family care for children, however their future remains uncertain.

Paedophilia does not recognize sacred places
Shock after the last case of a teenager who was sexually abused at the Monastery ’’Treskavec’’

Spread the investigation about of paedophile scandal in the OSCE
Prosecution units examine whether there impaired children from Macedonia who were involved in the paedophile scandal senior OSCE in the country. According to prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski because of the complexity of the subject to carry out additional checks and abroad and at home to complete the dossier.

The investigation into the pedophile caught in correspondence
The investigation into the pedophile scandal stuck in correspondence of diplomatic immunity of the High Representative of the OSCE which it did not!

The case of Norwegian suspected for paedophilia taps in place
The Criminal Court said they did not lead a criminal investigation because of them it is not required.

Scandalous neglect of Prilep institutions regarding the raped girl
Social services have forgotten about the victim

Institutional incompetence leaves pedophiles on the streets
Rapists of children are walking freely because in many cases the police, the experts, social workers and prosecutors are not capable of providing solid proofs. Judges that have worked on such severe cases have complained about this issue. NGOs share the same conclusion – among other irregularities, they have pointed out that even the gynecologists untrained to properly document a rape constitute a reason why a court verdict cannot be made. 

New Year’s packets and presents for children who visit the Daily Center
The First Children’s Embassy in the World “Megjashi” as well as every year, this year has organized New Year party including packets and presents for the youngest citizens of every society – the children.

18 thousand children without education
Despite that the education is obligatory; 18 thousand children in Macedonia don’t go to school.

The most common violation of children’s rights in Macedonia is the right to feel warmth in the home- MA Dragi Zmijanac executive director and founder of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi
1. According to your long term experience and the information you have from the First Children’s Embassy in the World  ,,Megjashi” which children’s rights are most jeopardized in Macedonia?

Each year, the first week of October is being given to the children under the motto Children’s Week.

International supervision – case study
*Child – witness and sexual abuse against children*

New Years greeting cards
Fifth year in a row the First Children’s Embassy in the World, Megjashi has prepared the new year’s greeting cards. 

Children in the claws of prostitution
Police unveiled a juvenile prostitution chain in which children have been lured in bed with money and gifts

How far will the juvenile prostitution network spread?
While the police continue the investigation, families fear for the children-victims

Children easy prey to pimps
Stip police continue the investigation of juvenile prostitution and expect more arrests.

The number is much greater
re there any children’s calls on the SOS helpline in the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi searching help and advice for problems with juvenile prostitution?

Ministry of Interior affairs - The sex with juveniles is not increasing
There is no tendency of increased crimes in which juveniles are involved, claims the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

Dilemmas about “Facebook” in Macedonia
Some youngsters don’t want parental control on their profile

Kids enough of being beaten
UNICEF reported that every second child in Macedonia is a victim of physical violence, and only 7 percent of parents believe that is beaten out of paradise and support this kind of punishment

Terrifying statistics of UNICEF for parents of behavior
Even 69 percent of children in Macedonia are victims of physical and psychological violence, says a new report by UNICEF, respect for the rights of children worldwide.

Short Report on the SOS telephone line for children and young 0800 1 2222 (tool free) and the free legal service within the First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjasi
· The children are still silent and suffer violence! In 2010 only 30 children, got courage and spoke up about the violence that they are exposed to.

Annual Report on the SOS telephone line for children and youngsters 0800 1 2222 (tool free) and the pro bono legal council within the First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjasi
We should not be silent about the violence!

The country must find a solution for its citizens
The reality of our neighbourhood in the middle of Skopje. The destiny of this infant that has been living in a terrible misery under the clear sky it is still unknown.

Many child beggars, some day care centres
In day care centers day are about 50 street children, and rotate about 130 a month, according to the Ministry of Labour.

Day care centers for street children
First Children’s Embassy in the World “Megjasi” says that day-care centers are with temporary nature and that although they mean much to the children, they are not the solution to the problem of street children.

“Megjashi”: Political parties should spear the children
Broadcasting children’s troubles and their fates causes their relatives a great deal of pain. This also means trauma for the children who see these TV advertisements as spectators. It represents additional victimization and stigmatization of the children through the media. Mediums should refuse to broadcast paid political messages if they involve (mis)use of children in political purposes.

They grabbed our children for illegal trafficking with human organs
Missing!? Family’s Mehmedi and Helgovich from Kumanovo four mouths ago for the first time were intruduced to one another. It was the children that brought them together. Their dearest were gone missing. And they are still missing! 

Law Amendments for Children Employment
Ramadan Ahmeti is 17 years old and hardly misses to spend some time of the day in the workroom of the jewelry shop “Raf” at the old bazaar in Skopje. His wish is one day to inherit his family business and engage in goldsmith’s trade. He has been serving his apprenticeship for a few years already, and provided that he masters it enough he could soon become his father’s replacement in the shop as soon as the amendments to the Industrial Relations Act are introduced, which specifies the stipulations as to work of children under the age of 18. By the new amendments, which are still under a procedure of the assembly, the underage individuals who do not hold the high school degree shall be able to work only during their summer and winter vacation and spend no more than 6 hours per day at work, for which they will be entitled to some allowance.

Calls for Help
In this difficult period of our lives we are entreating you for help with financial resources within your capabilities.

In the period between July and January, citizens have donated a grand total of 73.707,00 denars in the moneyboxes for donations that the First Children Embassy in the world – Megjashi has placed all over Macedonia.

The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi in the report for the research “The confidence in Macedonia” which is consider to “The Confidence in the Civil Society” and “The familiarity with the civil organizations and the opinions for them”, is at the first place in terms of the confidence in civic organizations. 53.6 % of the citizens have positive opinion for the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi where the relations between the positive and negative thinking are 20.3 to 1.

The Thirteenth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of the Child today elected nine members to the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

In a single round of secret balloting, the Meeting elected the following:  Agnes Akosua Aidoo (Ghana); Aseil Al-Shehail (Saudi Arabia); Jorge Cardona Llorens (Spain); Bernard Gastaud (Monaco); Maria Herczog (Hungary); Hatem Kotrane (Tunisia); Gehad Madi (Egypt); Kirsten Sandberg (Norway); and Hiranthi Wijemanne (Sri Lanka).  They all received the required majority of 91 votes and will each serve a term of four years, replacing members whose terms expire on 28 February 2011.  (Biographical information on all candidates is available in document CRC/SP/42, Add.1 and Add.2.)

CRC ELECTIONS 2010: Interviews with candidates
On 21 December 2010, UN Member States will gather at the UN General Assembly in New York to elect nine people to the most important children's rights organisation in the world: the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.Those selected will replace outgoing members of the 18-strong Committee whose terms expire on 28 February 2011.

“Implementation of the legislation related to children’s rights and the Convention on the rights of the child”
The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia on the 2nd of November 2010 public hearing on the topic “Implementation of the legislation related to children’s rights and the Convention on the rights of the child” was held. Expose of MA Dragi Zmijanac – Executive Director and Founder of the First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi This year the Convention on the Rights of the Child celebrates its 21 anniversary, yet an exceeding figure of 70% of school children in Republic of Macedonia are not familiar with their rights. This was the result of the survey carried out by the First Children’s Embassy Megjashi, among 2,234 school children at 10 to 18 of age, in 41 primary schools and 24 secondary schools in 7 towns in Republic of Macedonia. The data was processed by BRIMA GALLUP Skopje.

The First Children's Embassy in the World 'Megjashi' alerts governments and civil society organizations to play a more active role in the promotion of and respect for the rights of the child 
Child abuse, especially sexual abuse, is a universal and alarming problem and increased attention and efficient protection skills and prevention measures are necessary at family, local, national and international level.

This Code contains a collection of adopted principles that the journalists and media are to adhere to when reporting on cases of violence against children, in particular in cases of child sexual abuse and pedophilia.

Global Petition on Child Labour and the Millennium Development Goals
The continued existence of child labour is an obstacle to achieving the MDGs and, without achieving the MDGs, child labour cannot eliminated. The development goals of achieving the MDGs and eliminating and preventing child labour are inextricably linked and yet child labour remains as an invisible ninth MDG.

Newsletter Bristly No. 39

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