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First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi – Republic of Macedonia

FOREWORD The report was written by a team of children, aged 12 to 17, who accepted the First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi's invitation to participate in this process. These pupils and their schools are part of Children's Embassy Megjashi's activities within the Let's Take the Rights in our Hands Project, Empowering Child’s Strengths for Violence Prevention Project and the Peace Education Programme, through which they have previously obtained key knowledge on children's rights. The preparation of this report was organized into two phases: research phase and report writing phase. During the research phase (May-July 2020), a nationwide survey on the state of the child rights was designed and conducted, providing data on various aspects of children’s lives in the country, the problems they face and the things they think should be improved.1 The survey was disseminated online in both Macedonian and Albanian language, and it was completed by 1077 children aged 12 to 17. Total of thirty pupils from 11 primary and secondary schools in Veles,2 Vinica,3 Gostivar,4 Debar5 and Skopje6 participated in the design, piloting and dissemination of the survey. Out of this group of pupils, thirteen decided to participate in the second phase, i.e. the preparation of the report. Within the second phase (July-October 2020), a number of online meetings and workshops were held, enabling the children to further develop their knowledge on the Convention on the Rights of the Child and learn about the reporting process before the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child.