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The lack of mechanisms for hearing the children’s voice is the reason why their voice hasn’t been heard, as well as the reason why the children are not active participants in the making and creation of changes. The project Building culture for children’s participation is one important step forward to achievement of this aim.

Ombudsman has responded to the written request made by the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi, Republic of Macedonia, on the case about Agush Salioski.
“The Ministry for Health has reported to the Ombudsman that during the professional supervision the Commission also found professional failures, i.e. the wound was not surgically treated on time, the changes on the condition of the arm were not noticed on time, the plaster was not removed entirely...”

The first lady of Slovenia, Mrs Barbara Miklic Turk, visited the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi, Republic of Macedonia.
The first lady of Slovenia, Mrs Barbara Miklic Turk, the spouse of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Danilo Turk, visited the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi, Republic of Macedonia.

No one asked how do we do after the horrific sexual torture mu little girl suffered, says our interlocutor.
According to the experts, children victims of pedophilia are left on their own to go through the terrible traumas and psychological disorders, rising up from the sexual abuse. They accuse the Centers for social welfare of taking improper and superficial actions. Mother of a nine year old girl, who was continually abused by her father throughout a whole year, stated that even after two years the child lives in fears.

The appeal court confirmed the 15 year jail sentence for the paedophile from Bogomila. The Higher court agreed with the judgement of the Court in Veles, that in September last year announced guilty the 57 year old Trajche Petkovski.

In the Struga’s village Labunishta
Nine year old girl sexually abused by a mother’s friend

First Children's Embassy in the World “ Megashi”, Republic of Macedonia, conducts a campaign for responsible parenthood with more care and love towards children for the third time, but now with the slogan

Both of the children, who were taken away from home, are with their parents in Pehchevo.

Last chance for biological parents to return the child
Next week little Boshko is having a consilium examination. Afterwards, his biological parents may decide whether to take him or not for the last time. If they definitely give up, they shall lose their parental right by signing statements. Thus, Boshko may be adopted.

The beaten child from Pehchevo affected by mange, too
For the time being we are not informed whether the eleven year old child from Pehchevo has come down with the infectious disease due to the treatment in the Orphanage “ 11 October”, stated from First Children’s Embassy in the World Megashi.

Child sick from cancer, victim of violence in the orphanage for Children Without Parents.
Scared from the whole situation, the eleven year old boy said that he will throw himself in front of a car if they try to bring him back to the orphanage.

New Year Workshops at Ramstor Mall First Children's Embassy of the World - Medjashi
The First Children Embassy in the World Megjasi will hold a series of workshops, December 15-30, at the Ramstore shopping mall in Skopje, for children who want to learn how to make New Year`s decorations, greeting cards and origami objects.

First Children's Embassy in the World and CIRa released a video "Sonuvaj mirno - Have a Peaceful Dream" within the Campaign for fundraising by citizens and enterprises for establishment of a Fund to support children and youth victims of sexual abuse.

World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse (November 19) and World Day of the Child (November 20)
The First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi sends a reminder on two significant dates for paying respect for children’s rights in the world. Today is a World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse and tomorrow, World Day of the Child.

Beginning of the campaign: See it, hear it, say it.
7th of November, 2008

Fund for Supporting Children and Young Victims of Sexual Abuse
As a result of the everyday news and cases of sexual abuse on children and young people in Macedonia, CIRa and the First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi started a Campaign for collecting assets from the citizens and the companies for creating a Fund for supporting children and young people – victims of sexual abuse in Macedonia.

The European legislature have no mercy on paedophiles. The most severe punishments are passed, most common being life imprisonment. In Norway the paedophiles are having a microchip-locators implanted, whereas in Denmark chemical castration is done to paedophiles recidivists.

Vlatko Stefanovski; Andrijana Janevska; Marjan Stojanovski; Elena Petrevska; Beni Shakiri; Nora Shakiri; Lila Filipovska; Zoran Atanasovski-Monsi; Kazim Asotik; Milka Eftimova; Igor Mitrovik; Jasminka Chakar; Eva; Bubo Karov; Darko Atanasovski; Maja Vukichevik; Aleksandar Masevski; Iskra Trpeva; Dragan Spasov-Dac; Gjorgji Krstevski.

1. Mr. Zmijanac, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia through certain ministries begun to realize action that will take care of the children begging in the streets. How do you evaluate this action? 

Real social actions and help for the underprivileged families is the only solution for this problem

The latest cases of pedophilia in Veles (74 years old male was sexually abusing a minor girl for a longer period of time) and Kichevo (2 girls being victims of sexual violence by three male adults aged of 60 + )

Promotion of the book -GOING TO COURT-
On July 2nd, the promotion of the book the book - Going to Court- was held in the House of the Macedonian Army. The book adresses every child from 5 to 11 who has to testify in court as victim or witness of violence. It's purpose is to approach to the child the situation he is going to encounter in the court room, in order to go through the court process harmlessly.

With great pleasure I inform you that the music star Shakira is the president of honor on this year’s Global Week of Action; and as a supporter and active participant of this campaign she will do everything in her power to contribute this campaign -education for all-.

Angelo dell'anno The Ninth edition, Manifestation “Angel of the year” Milan, Theater “Dal Verme” 28th January 2008 Special International Award To Prof. Dragi Zmijanac MASC Founder and Executive Director of the First Children's Embassy in the World- Megjashi, Republic of Macedonia

Did you tell your child how much you love him/her?”.
The First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi continues with the last year’s campaign for more love and attention towards the children, but now with the motto “Did you tell you child how much you love him/her?”.


In light of the tragic death of a 13-years-old child Avni Ademi from Gostivar


June 12th -World Day Against Child Labour
The street children in Republic of Macedonia are from all ages and nationalities, but the most -58%, are Roma. Also concerning is the fact that: 15,5% of the street children are of a pre-school age, 64% are from 7 to 14 years old, 88, 5 % manifest socially unacceptable behaviour, while 11, 5% have tolerable social behaviour (according to the Institution for Social Matters in Skopje).

The Children from Macedonia joined the world campaign for education

Children from across Macedonia marked Friday the campaign for their inclusion in education, entitled "Join Us! Right to Education Now", by symbolically forming human chain at city squares in several Macedonian towns. The campaign in Macedonia is being organised by the First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjasi. The central event of the campaign, which took place in Skopje, was attended by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who signed the guarantee for inclusion of all children in the education system.