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How it started

Statement from the Executive Director and Founder, MSc. Dragi Zmijanac

Eighteen years ago, when we were formed to help the children refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina, we didn’t know what we were up to with all our hearts and what challenges we may encounter.

We focused towards them and learned on the way.

It wasn’t easy to trace the path of the new world children’s movement in Macedonia called First Children’s Embassy in the World- Megjashi. 

Of course, the pioneer actions in promotion of children’s cause and children’s best interest not always met the understanding and reached the adult world.
We, at the Embassy Megjashi have rooted new and different values.
We have raised the public awareness of the meaning and the necessity of respecting children’s rights.

We spoke aloud about the numerous problems that the children face. 

 The children recognized us and confided us the need to protect and advocate them. They actually have their own Embassy and Child Ambassador. There are also many volunteers and citizen activists who always devote themselves unselfishly and with great enthusiasm when in immediate contact with children.

I am making a joke when I say that if this Embassy, the first in the world, whose heart is in Macedonia, never existed, it should have been invented. And since it exists and continuously proves itself, should be unselfishly supported and helped. In one of UNICEF’s manuals, the author Mrs. Sue Gilbert wrote: “Macedonia is famous regarding children’s rights, because that’s where the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi was formed.”
Finally, we would like to address everyone with good will that there is still time to join and contribute to this huge movement of the century. The mosaic called the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi is constantly being crafted by many people. There is always room for new citizen initiatives and associations.

 In conclusion, I am very delighted that although belated, we receive numerous recognitions on our 18 years of hard work every day. Recognitions from citizen organizations, citizens, embassies, international organizations, business partners and ministries we cooperate with; recognitions with support of our activities through financial donations in our donation boxes and through SMS messages, as well as contribution to our activities through unselfish voluntary engagement. Of course there is need for such rewards and recognitions. Until criteria for recognition of true values and of commitment in citizen organizations are built, commitment in what we believe in and devote to, the domestic and foreign recognitions will continue to encourage our motivation and dedication in building a more just world for all children in the world.














Dragi Zmijanac, MSc

Executive Director and Founder