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The First Children's Embassy in the World "Megjashi" (FCEWM) - Republic of Macedonia was founded on the 29th of April 1992 in Skopje. FCEWM is a World Association for protection of children and does not belong to any government or party. 

This World Association as a First Children's Embassy in the World of the First Children's land in the World "Megjashi" operates through its Honorary Ambassadors, Honorary Consul General and Honorary Consul, Permanent Representatives and Honorary Members of Collegiums, Children's Diplomatic Corps, General Consulates, Consulates, Consulates Departments and Office in the country and abroad as well as through its members in Macedonia and in the World. 

The First Children's Embassy in the World unites the children of Macedonia with the children of the world.  It co-operates with all international organizations that are interested in the care and protection of children. 

The basic task of the First Children's Embassy in the World "Megjashi", is to carry out the United Nations Declaration and Conventions on Children's Rights. 
The First Children's Embassy in the World as well as its Honorary Ambassadors, Honorary Consuls, Permanent Representative and Honorary Members of Collegiums and our Consulates and Consular Departments will particularly support the following tasks: 

·        proclaiming certain territories for children's territories (with a special status with the United Nations); 

·        accomplishing scientifically verified humanitarian ecological cultural and recreational projects of the First Children's Embassy "YEET" (Youth Nobles Every Territory); 

·        protection of children from war clashes and all other conflicts; 

·        fighting against misuse of children for sexual and economic aims; 

·        protection of children from conflict about ethnic, religious, racial, linguistic, sex and other forms of intolerance; 

·        protection of children from spreading of nationalism and chauvinism; 

·        the sovereignty of the children's territories and ban of the use of children's objects for unintended and  especially for war aims; 

·        fighting against the misuse of children for political aims; 

·        financing and support of projects of the children fund of UN; 

·        extensive advocacy for the interests of the children of the world in the United Nations Organizations (realization of the idea for the Child Ambassador Chair in the General Assembly in the UN); 

·        recognition of the First Children's Land in the World, as well as other Children's territories proclaimed by the First Children's Embassy in the World "Megjashi" as territories of the most numerous nations in the world-Children's nation;

·        nomination and  issuing diplomatic passports to Honorary Ambassadors, Honorary Consul General,  Honorary Consuls, Permanent Representatives and Honorary Members of Collegiums of the  First Children's  Embassy  distinguished citizens from Macedonia the country and abroad, who fight  for protection of the children's rights in the World. 

Stefan Pleskonik                                               H.E.Kole ANGELOVSKI 
Child Ambassador                                                          Ambassador 

Gordana Pirkovska Zmijanac                     Prof.Dragi Zmijanac MSc
Founder and Program Manager             Founder and Exec. Director