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The children are a special nation. Children are not national and religious leaders. They are a nation that has never carried out any revolution or counter-revolution, nor has started any wars. Children are not the question of the class or nation: children are the question of all questions. They are the nation that suffers most in war clashes and human tragedies. Children are only children. "All of the world’s ideals are less important than a child’s tears."

The First Children's Land in the World[1][1] - Megjashi belongs to Children completely as well as to adults who accept this charter. 
 The First Children's Embassy in the World "Megjashi" -Republic of Macedonia presents and represents the First Children's Country in the World.

The First Embassy of the Children in the World also forms and represents other free children's territories in the World.  First Children's Embassy has the following objectives: The Park of the Continents, the Street of Silence, The Road of Goodness, The Street of Children, the Street of Laughter, "Wounded Childhood" Memorial, Children's Observatory, the Sweet Road, The Flowery Lane, Build "World Children's Cities", Children's Cultural Centers, Children's Information Centers, etc.

 Although it is the smallest and youngest country in the World, the First Children's country will not be defended by the Army, the Police and won't have Customs.  The territory is proclaimed a free and open territory for the whole world.  First Children's Country has no boundaries because "where the world with borders starts, there ends childhood."

 The basic task of the First Children's Embassy in the World is the protection of Children. The Embassy is especially interested in the protection of war-affected children (saving, caring and sending to other countries where there is no war), preventing cases of the abuse of children for sexual, economical and political aims, religious disputes and national conflicts. 

 The Free Children's Territory does not admit any secrets except for secrets of nature and secrets that science reveals.  Because of this, the best allies of children are humanists, scientists, astronauts, cultural envoys, medical workers, people engaged in sports and all others who love children.  As the worst enemy of the First Children's Country is hatred and ignorance, only love and knowledge will be cherished in "Megjashi".

 The first citizens of the First Children's Country are the Child Ambassadors and Child Consuls, diplomatic children's corps.  The World’s First Children's Embassy "Megjashi" -Republic of Macedonia has its own symbols (a flag, a coat of arms, an anthem and a mascot)

 The idea, the name (the First Children's World Embassy), and the mascot "shaggy" are registered and protected at the Ministry of Development of the Republic of Macedonia- Institute for the Protection of Industrial Property of the Republic of Macedonia (Stamp no. 863, 864 and 865/94)

       In the case of the loss of status of the Children's Territory or the First Children's Embassy in the World, all belongings will go to the United Nations or to UNICEF. 

[1][1] The First Children's Land in the World is a territory of 30.000 sq.m. given as a present to all children in the world. This land is found in Megjashi at the boundary among Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia.  It was established on June 8, 1991 in the village of Megjashi where Serbs, Croats and Muslims have lived for ages and where East and West, Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism and Islam blend.  The creator of this noble idea is Mr. Dusko Tomic, from Sarajevo. His father, an old farmer, gave this land as the First Children's Territory in the World as an example to be followed with an intention to establish such territories all over the world.  Inspired by this noble action and idea, Ms. Gordana Pirkovska Zmijanac, her husband Prof. Dragi Zmijanac and a group of their humanitarian friends established the First Children's Embassy in the World in Skopje, Macedonia.


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FOUNDER and Program manager  

FOUNDER and Executive Director
Prof. Dragi Zmijanac MA.SC.