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THE BASIC ACT Of the First Children’s Embassy in the World- Megjashi

1. The First Children's Country in the World is a territory of 30.000 sq.m., presented from the children of the world.
It is situated in Megjashi, near the junction of three borders-  of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. 

 2 The First Children's Country in the World has Embassies (that represent the children-children's population) children's territories in other states, the monument "Wounded Childhood", Children's Observatory, The Park of the Continents, The Road of Goodness, Children's streets, The Silence Street, The Laughter Street, The Flower Lane, Children's Cultural Center's, Children's Information's Center's etc. 

3.  The First Children's County in the World "Megjashi" is children's territory founded on June 8 The,1991 in Megjashi. 

4.  The First Children's Embassy in the World "Megjashi"-Macedonia presents, represents and protects the First Children's County in the World. The First Children's Embassy in the World is an international, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit humanitarian association and acts in the interest of  all the children in the world "Children's population) without distinction of race, nationality, religion, sex or citizenship, endeavoring to emit children's life and make it joyful happy and creative, and it aims to contribute to a better communication with adults. 

5.  The Charter and the Program task of the First Children's Embassy in the World are based on the Declaration of the Organization of the United Nations on Children's Rights.  

6.  The First Children's Embassy is represented by Children Ambassadors and Children-Consuls, i.e. people authorized by the Ambassador. The children with outstanding achievements are selected to be Children-Ambassadors and Children-Consuls and their term of office lasts until they turn 18. 
                The Embassy includes a Diplomatic Corps consisting of Children-Ambassadors- doors other countries and children from Consuls from Republic of Macedonia. 
          The organs of the First Children's Embassy in the World from Macedonia are the Ambassador, Vice-Ambassador, Child Ambassador, Secretary General and the Executive Director. The Board is elected at the First Founding Conference of the Embassy. The ways we conduct activities i.e. the rights and obligations of the Board and the Executive Board are regulated by the Statute of the Embassy                                                                   

   7.   The First Children's Embassy in the World from Macedonia has its General Consulates in other countries, Consulates or Offices in cities and Consul Representation in smaller places. The General Consulate and the Consulate are managed BA a Board which consists of General Consul, Vice Consul, Child Consul, Secretary and members. The Child Consul is selected from among outstanding children, famous children. The consul's election   and program of world are regulated by a special document. 
8.  Anyone under the age of 18 as well as adults  who  contribute  to children's welfare way because members of the Embassy. 



Gordana PIRKOVSKA ZMIJANAC      FOUNDER and Program Manager

Dragi Zmijanac MSc                        FOUNDER  and Executive Director