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PRECEDE MANIFESTO for young children


Partnership for Reconciliation through Early Childhood Education and Development in Europe (PRECEDE) is a regional network of civil society organizations from seven European countries: “Early Years - the organisation for young children” from Northern Ireland, UK”;[1] “Partnerë për Fëmijët” from Albania;[2] “Balkan Sunflowers” from Kosovo;[3] “The Center for Civil Initiatives”(CCI) from Croatia;[4] “First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi” from Macedonia;[5] “Djeca prije svega” from Montenegro,[6] and “Pomoć deci” from Serbia.[7] 

The main objective of the PRECEDE network is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in the Balkan Region and Europe, and to support the process of acceptance, peace-building, reconciliation, respect for diversity and unity through education in the early years. 

We, as PRECEDE partners want to ensure that young children are the focus of decision and public policy-making in relation to early years’ development, preschool and primary education, health services, child protection and peacebuilding at national governmental level in each of the seven countries and at the Balkan Region level.