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newsletter nu. 29

Sharp reaction and conviction regarding child abuse for political issues from the Minister of defense of Republic of Macedonia and The Children’s Embassy for All Children in the World from Prilep.
We sharply condemn the abuse of children for political issues in the yesterday’s celebration of the day of ARM (Army of Republic of Macedonia) where the children were involved in agitation and political campaign regarding Macedonia’s entry in NATO. We are stunned by the fact that the patron of this event is the minister of defense Lazar Elenovski.

Rendition of petition to the Ombudsman
The First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi, Republic of Macedonia directed a petition to Mr. Idjet Memeti, Ombudsman, regarding the political and military abuse of children for agitating and involving in campaign children (younger than 14 years) for entrance of Macedonia in NATO. The organizer of the campaign was the Children’s Embassy for All Children in the World from Prilep and patron was the Minister of Defence of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Lazar Elenovski.

Reaction regarding the incorrect information given by the Minister of Defence, Lazar Elenovski
The Ministry of Defence of Republic of Macedonia gives untrue and incorrect information regarding the usage of premises without fees by the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi and the Association of single parents “Skopje” from Skopje 

Paper from the Ombudsman regarding the political abuse of children

Appeal for the D.A. to ask for criminal responsibility from the organizer and the patron regarding child abuse for political goals.
The Ombudsman of Republic of Macedonia gave answer to the petition from the first children’s embassy in the world-Megjashi regarding the political and military abuse of children throughout agitation for Macedonia’s NATO entrance.

List of Supporters for the sharp reaction against political abuse of children
We thank the present 31 organizations and individuals which supported and encouraged us in the advocacy of children’s rights.


In light of the tragic death of a 13-years-old child Avni Ademi from Gostivar


The Law for Donations And Sponsorships, in practice, for the first time in Macedonia
Cooperation between Megjashi and Genel – for each bought cannon product, 1 Euro for Megjashi’s activities

Eurochild memebership
The First Children’s Embassy in the world – Megjashi in July this year joined the big European family of Eurochild.

"Together for Transparency" for the second time
In order to contribute towards the transparency of the civic organizations’ work, a group of civic organizations, 7 members of the Civic Platform Macedonia (CPM) this year as well (for the fourth time) decided to publish their Annual Reports and their financial reports with the Audit reports. 

Unforgettable two-week with volunteers from France in the Embassy Megjashi
In cooperation with the Scouts Association of Macedonia, in the period from July 9 to 21 in the Children’s Embassy Megjashi five volunteers, French Scouts: Claire, Martin, Clement, Florien and Pule were visiting the Children’s Embassy.

Opening Daily Centre for Children on Streets
On the 13th of July we signed an agreement for cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Republic of Macedonia for implementing the Project Social Protection of Children on Streets which presupposes opening Daily Centre for Children on Streets.

Regional pan-European Conference in Bulgaria - Global March Against Child Labour
From July 23rd to 25th 2007 in Bulgraia was held the Global March Against Child labour: pan-European and Euro-Mediterranean Regional Conference.

Children’s Workshops are open for registration!
Within the activities of the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi, as every school year, this school year 2007/2008 as well, we will organize children’s workshops and the registration is open!

Monograph – the call continues!
On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, we are in the middle with preparations for the Monograph of the Children’s Embassy.

Visit from our partner organization the International Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children - ISPCC
Visiting the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi, from July 24-26, were Shivonne Edwards  and Ciara Ridge from our partner organization for this year - International Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children from Ireland.

New donation cash-boxes
New donation cashboxes of the Embassy Megjashi are placed in the Hotels Belvedere, Granit, Inex Gorica, Klimetica, lagadin, Flamengo-Donco, Tino, Villa St. Sofia in Ohrid and the hotels: Clinton Palace, Drim and Biser in Struga.

Regional training for building of civil society
Our volunteer Katerina Konevska participated in the Regional Training for building of Civil Society, which took place in Tirana, from 11-13th July.

Report of the multicultural summer camp for youth for cultural exchange, respect and tolerance Bachki Monoshtor held from 19.07 till 29.07.2007 year
Multicultural summer camp for youth this year was held on 19.07 to 29.07.2007 in Bachki Monoshtor, Sombor, where our volunteers participated for the third time.

Summer fundraising activity in Ohrid
During the holiday season, the Children’s Embassy Megjashi was selling the hand-made items in Ohrid. 

Help Appeal for Elena Vasiljoska
Fifteen-year-old Vasiljoska Elena, born on 24.04.1992 in Kumanovo suffers a very difficult disease SLE – Nephrititis, Multiple Cerebral Strokes – Quadriplegia. Due to the difficulty of the disease, it is recommended that the treatment should be abroad. For this treatment there is a need of 20.000 US Dollars, and the treatment was supposed to begin on July 07th this year.

Cooperation between Megjashi and the Association of parents of children with Autism
The Association of parents of children with autism is using premises within the Children’s Embassy Megjashi since April 2007.

Newsletter Bristly No. 29

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