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Unforgettable two-week with volunteers from France in the Embassy Megjashi

In cooperation with the Scouts Association of Macedonia, in the period from July 9 to 21 in the Children’s Embassy Megjashi five volunteers, French Scouts: Claire, Martin, Clement, Florien and Pule were visiting the Children’s Embassy.

During their stay, they organized creative workshops on various subjects, and the work was finished with a party, organized by he children and volunteers.

The workshops were attended  by 35 children from the Day Centre for street children in Kisela Voda, the SOS children’s Village and the Children’s Workshops of the Embassy Megjashi.







The Workshops lasted 4 hours per day, while a snack was provided for the children.








The children on the workshops have learned new games to fulfil their free time and new information about the scouts. The biggest gain for the children was the friendship.