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28thanniversary of the establishment of the Children's Embassy Megjashi.

Dear friends, supporters and associates,
In this rather troubled time, we would like to share with you the joy of our 28thanniversary of many years filled with work and activities under all circumstances, years dedicated to helping suffering children, years of grief, but also years of fulfilment being aware of the fact we can be supportive.
We have left many years of work behind. In larger or lower scale, crises are an integral part of our history, and for one who is suffering or in need of help, there is no larger or lower scale of crisis.
Dedicated to supporting children affected by the war in the former Yugoslavia/refugee children from Bosnia and Herzegovina accommodated in Macedonia
We started with the Bosnian crisis and the need to take care of a large number of refugee children. We organised a flight from Sarajevo and publicly called for accommodating the children in Macedonia. We are still in contact with many of those children (now adults), some volunteer, and some physically distant, but close in their hearts, continue to follow our work.