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newsletter nu. 28

Day Center for children on streets
Soon in the Children’s Embassy-Megjashi it’s going to be opened Daily Center for children on streets. The Center will start working in two months and it will have capacity for 30 children.

15th Birthday of Embassy Megjashi
On the 3rd of May, (Thursday) this year we celebrated solemn the 15th anniversary of our work. The celebration was in the beautiful space of the Drama Theatre.

On the occasion for 15th anniversary, the Children’s Embassy is preparing its monograph.

Global Campaign for Education 2007
Global campaign for Education is activity which we are implementing every year starting from 1990. This action is coordinated by Global March Against Child Labor on an international level, while National Coordinator in our country is the First Children Embassy in the World – Megjashi.

Promotion of Good Practices
The First Children’s Embassy in the World adresses a call to all civil associations for reporting Good Practices from their practical work that can serve for the preparation of the publication “Promotion of Good Practices”.

Together for transparency
members of the Civil Society Platform of Macedonia, decided voluntarily for the third time to publish their annual reports

Promotion of volunteerism (Volunteer Guide)
The activities for creating ”Guide for volunteerism” are coming to an end. The preparation for this brochure went through several stages, in which outside associates and focus group (volunteers and students) were included as well as part of the team of the Children’s Embassy.

Participation of the Embassy Megjashi on the regional NGO fairs
In the period 30-31 March this year the third regional fair was held in Debar and also the fourth regional fair in Negotino from 14 to 15 June 2007, implemented by the Open Society Institute-Macedonia (OSIM) and the Support Center for NGO’s-Debar, within the Civil Platform of Macedonia.

Project: E-Macedonia (MT) Equal Approach to Modern Technology for All Children
Children’s Embassy started with IT workshops for the children – members of the Children’s Embassy that most of the times are children to social effected families. With the free workshops for 50 children (several groups) IT information’s were provided and available.

Training: Facing the past
As a continuation of the recent activities in our organization with multiethnic clubs in 5 high schools (SHS “Nikola Karev”, SHS “Cvetan Dimov”and SMHS “D-r Panche Karagjozov” from Skopje, SMHS “Nokola Shtein” from Tetovo and SHS “Nace Bugjoni” from Kumanovo), we organized a trending on the theme “Facing with past” from 16-18th of February 2007 in hotel “Klimetica-Ohrid, designed for high school students motivated to include themselves in activities for peace building, human rights protection, gender equality, joining different ethnic groups as well as enhancing the mutual understanding and trust.

Visit in Brussels through the BNT Program
 In the period 5-30 March 2007, MSc. Dragi Zmijanac, founder and executive director of the First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi, visited Brussels through BNT Program and financed by the MCIC (Macedonian Center for International Cooperation) and the ECAS (European Citizen Action Service).

Free Legal Service
1. Neglected child

SOS helpline for children and youth
Training in our partner organization the Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children - ISPCC, from Dublin, Ireland

Fundraising activities
In order to raise funds in support to our program activities, we organized and also took part at the following events:

Partnership for 2007 of The Children’s Embassy Megjashi and the mobile operator Cosmofon
On 27, April, 2007 The First Children’s Embassy in the World - Megjashi and the mobile operator Cosmofon, signed an agreement for partnership.

Two new workshops started working
Together with the spring in the Children’s Workshops new flowers have sprouted. Two new workshops started working: French Language Workshop and a new workshop with a very interesting name Literacy-dramatic-bon-ton.

French Scouts visiting the Children’s Embassy –Megjashi
In cooperation with the Scouts Union of Macedonia and the scouts from France in the period fro 9th till 21st of July summer activities will be implemented.

Ramstor’s Birthday
The Ramstor mall, on the second and third July, organized a summer weekend festival to celebrate its’ birthday.
Our workshops infront of Ramstore

June 12th -World Day Against Child Labour
The street children in Republic of Macedonia are from all ages and nationalities, but the most -58%, are Roma. Also concerning is the fact that: 15,5% of the street children are of a pre-school age, 64% are from 7 to 14 years old, 88, 5 % manifest socially unacceptable behaviour, while 11, 5% have tolerable social behaviour (according to the Institution for Social Matters in Skopje).

June 20th, International day of Refugees
Immigration is one of the answers of poverty, molesting and abuse of world children!

Proposed regulations for protection of juvenile audience from programs harmful for their psycho-physical development


On the 18th of January 2007, The Broadcasting Standards Council in cooperation with Rotary Club-“Stone Bridge” and The First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi organized tribune on the following theme-“Protection of the juvenile television audience from programs that have negative effects to their psycho-physical development”.

Help appeal for three persons
Help appeal for three persons

Visit of H.E. Ambassador Antonio Dilletto
From 3rd till 6th of May we had a visit from our ambasador in Italy H.E. Antonio Diletto.  He constantly visits and supports financialy our embassy since 1998.

Newsletter Bristly No. 28

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