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Appeal for the D.A. to ask for criminal responsibility from the organizer and the patron regarding child abuse for political goals.The Ombudsman of Republic of Macedonia gave answer to the petition from the first children’s embassy in the world-Megjashi regarding the political and military abuse of children throughout agitation for Macedonia’s NATO entrance. The campaign was organized by The Children embassy for all the children of the world from Prilep while the minister of defense of Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Lazar Elenovski was the patron.

The announcement from the Ombudsman says:”in order to protect the children from future use and abuse the Ombudsman have sent information to the minister of defense, and have sent appeal through the mass media to all the government and nongovernmental organizations to withheld in the future from any activities which would involve children or which would shape their opinions, respectively to look after best interest of the children and to protect them from various abuses and manipulations”.

Also, we find that the Public Plaintiff should call upon article 3 from the Children’s Rights convention, where the point 1 says: “in each activity related to children, from primary importance are child’s best interest, regardless if the activity is done public or private institutions for social welfare, the courts, administrative organs or legal bodies “ and article 36 , Countries – members protecting the child form every form harmful exploitation , as well as article 9 from the Law for child protection  which states “It is forbidden to act politically of religiously and child abuse on this matter”.

At the same time, for accurate and complete information to the public, we inform that the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi uses premises of the ministry of Defense of Republic of Macedonia together with the Association of single parents from the year 2000when Mr. Ljube Boshkovski was the Minister, and which was continued in 2006, when Minister was Mr. Jovo Manasievski, with a total of 533,86 square meters.

We thank the present 31 organizations which supported us in defending the children’s rights

: 1. Association of women’s organization of Macedonia,

2. Macedonian Association of Free Sexual orientation – MASSO

3. Polio Plus

4. Nenad Vukosavljevic 

5. Council for prevention of juvenile delinquency from Kavadarci,

 6.Branko Popcevski,

 7. Biljana Vankovska,

8. Journalists for women’s and children’s rights and protection of the environment Macedonia, 

9. Slagjana Taseva,

10. Ecological society  “Vila Zora” Veles,

11. Peace Action Prilep.,

12. Kalin Babushku,

13. Aleksandar Gumberovski,

14. Macedonian High School union,

15. Association for protection of animals “Heart for the animals”

16. NGO Rubikon,

17. Gordana Nestorovka,

19. Blerim Jashari,

20. Adil Bakiu,

21. Association of tax workers of Macedonia, Skopje

 22. Ecology Association “Skopje Crna Gora” Skopje

23. Association of House Councils - Radishani, Skopje,

 24. Frosina Pandurska,

25. Ilija Psaltirov,


27. Atanas Stojanovski,

28. Evridika Shashkova,

29. Filip Vidovik – Genel, Skopje

30. Special Olympics Macedonia

31. KIWANIS Clubs Macedonia

We also send our gratitude to all media which took the role of defending children’s rights, as many times before.