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Report of the multicultural summer camp for youth for cultural exchange, respect and tolerance Bachki Monoshtor held from 19.07 till 29.07.2007 year
Multicultural summer camp for youth this year was held on 19.07 to 29.07.2007 in Bachki Monoshtor, Sombor, where our volunteers participated for the third time.

The camp was organized by the Red Cross Sombor and Gemeinden Gemeinsam Bodensee-Rhein.

70 participants; 7 countries; fan; music and many unforgettable friendships…

These are the words that can describe the ten days in Sombor.

Five volunteers of the Embassy Megjashi were part of the” camp for cultural exchange and tolerance”: Azret Jakupi, Elena Damjanovska, Kristina Najdovska, Medina Alilovska and   Dzarko Radicevski.

In order to feel the real atmosphere of the camp, we were located in a tent and we had schedule for the activities during the day. Every day we were attendingthe following workshops: animated film, music, theatre, dance, shiatsu massage, drawing, Puppet Theater. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to attend extra  activities, like for example: massage, yoga, salsa, German songs, Hungarian language, discussion table, and pixilation.

We also played soccer, volleyball, table tennis, card…

It was to our great pleasure the walk through the town   Palik, where we visited the beautiful Palic Lake and the amazing Zoo. 

The closeness between the participants, although it was present through the whole stay it came to expression at the last day when everybody went home with great sorrow.  

Declaring: Elena Damjanova-volunteer