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Opening Daily Centre for Children on StreetsOn the 13th of July we signed an agreement for cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Republic of Macedonia for implementing the Project Social Protection of Children on Streets which presupposes opening Daily Centre for Children on Streets.

At the beginning of September 35 children from the so called Cardboard settlement and Klanica will start coming in the Daily Centre where they will be able to take baths, get clean clothes. Snack and will participate at workshops for developing social skills and interactive workshops for learning children rights through games and fun. We have already established contact with the children and their families and they are informed about the activities of the Daily Centre.

For those families that have problems in registering their children in Registry the procedure for solving that problem is in progress. Other that his we will make efforts to motivate the parents to include their children in the educational system, but we will also support them in order to exceed the problems that the children that already go to school have.

In order to implement the activities we have already had meetings for establishing cooperation with the Daily Centre for Children on Streets for Kisela Voda, Association for protection of children rights, NGO Sonchogledi, MIA-Police station Novo Lisiche, primary schools in Municipality of Aerodrom, OSCE and Municipality of Aerodrom.

The Daily Centre in spite of the financial support by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the space from the Ministry of Defence give to Megjashi to be utilized without replenishment, received support by SP Market, VIVA Juices and Genel.

Regarding the needs of the Daily Centre or in other words the needs of the children that will visit the Centre we address to all citizens that have possibility to take part in the action for collecting textbooks and school accessories.