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Monograph – the call continues!On the occasion of the 15th anniversary, we are in the middle with preparations for the Monograph of the Children’s Embassy.

In light of that, we would like to send an appeal for support in publishing the Monograph to all business companies, within the frames of their possibilities. The Sponsorship will be marked in our electronic Newsletter, but in the Monogrpah as well.

We can offer few different types of sponsorships, which include informationyou’re your company and your logo, published in the Monograph:

- 1/4 page, in colour –250 euro sponsorship;

- 1/2 page, in colour - 400 euro sponsorship;

- whole page in the monograph –  Main supporter, 700 euro sponsorship.

 So far, the monograph has been supported by the following companies: Eurolink Insurance, Komercijalna bank, Stopanska Bank, Akcent Media and Cosmofon.

Contact person for more information is Tatjana Nasevska, Office Maganer or Tatjana Janevska, Coordinator of Children’s Workshops.
Telephones: 02/2463.900; 02/2465.316 or

e-mail:  info@childrensembassy.org.mk