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The Children from the First Children’s Embassy Megjashi in visit of the Ministry of Finance 22 април 2010, 16:29

Извор: Макфакс
Deputy Minister of Finance Nedim Ramizi today in his cabinet of the Ministry of Finance has received children members of the Children’s Embassy “Megjashi”

Group of children from different nationality and age visited the deputy minister and they

demanded from him to take action throughout the ministry to help this young population.

The members of  Children’s Embassy “Megjashi” in few terms reminded the deputy minister that too many children have no education, especially  the Roma children !

According to them, The Ministry of Finance can solve this problem to help the children to gain basic education.

The kids are aware that education is the basis of every country ,they asked for better conditions at the schools, and transparent implementation of the school programs “ Free books” and “Computer for every child”

At the question given from the children; Does the Ministry of finance has in plan to raise the funds for scholarship of the socially threatened, the minister said that the funds that were given had preliminary assessment ,but he didn’t exclude the possibility of increasing the funds.

Related to the campaign financed by the Government of Macedonia “ Life is my movie” the kids concerned about their homeless peers to which homeless can not get this messages and  asked if there is any possibility to allocate funds for one more project that can reach to all citizens. The deputy minister said that it was not planned, but ideas are always welcome, and that money from the budget for the awakening of the awareness among the citizens and protection can be always separated!