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Children’s Embassy Megjashi marked the World Day of SOS helpline for children and youthDo not violate children's rights

First Children's Embassy Megjashi is part of the international network "CHI - Child Helpline International", which unites SOS services to help the children from countries around the world already fourth year in a row, marking the World Day of SOS telephone for help and support to the children in the world.

Through the celebration of this day SOS lines to help children around the world put special emphasis on the services they provide for children who need care and protection. It also emphasized the importance and significance of the functioning of SOS telephones, because they represent an important mechanism of connecting with children, allowing each child's voice to be heard.

SOS helpline for children and youth 0800 1 2222 of its existence until now has registered more than 17,784 reports of problems. Most callers were children and adolescents and the most common motive for the calls are intersexual relations.

This trend slowly began to change over the years. The number of calls increased, and in expense of that were increasing the number of applications by the adults concerned about the children who reported serious violations of children's rights.

Reports of sexual abuse began to grow, domestic violence and reports of violence in schools. Unfortunately, the results of the last years of the work of the SOS-service shows that in fact children are unprotected and often exposed to violence and abuse by adults.

Last year 2009 were registered a total of 377 reported cases who were mostly reported as various forms of violence. There are many reasons why children telephoning, but in recent years most frequent are the calls from concerned parents, also witnesses who testified to events that considered it necessary to inform and to act – says Children’s Embassy Megjashi.

They inform that the general conclusion that comes from the work of the SOS phone, is that children victims of violence and abuse is very rarely reported. Because these results First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi launched a campaign under the SLOGAN “YOU SHOULD NOT BE SILENT ABOUT THE VIOLENCE”
The main goal of this campaign is encouraging the children, but also the adults who are concerned about children, to report violence and abuse of SOS helpline for children and the youth!