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Students were placed randomly on the streets while Topi visits TetovoAfter this information ministry yesterday sent inspectors to the schools.
09:00 | 17.04.2010 | Author: Emma Nikolovska

The children who were waiting for the Albanian President Bamir Topi around Tetovo streets were manipulated and unfortunately included into the policy, react by the Children's Embassy Megjashi. The municipality, however, for this holiday declared a non working day at the schools in Tetovo, and the Ministry of Education argued that he heard no such thing.

- The Parliament of Macedonia adopted a Declaration on the Protection of the Rights of the Child of political manipulation and abuse made in 1991. Does the Ministry of Education acted on these standards and allowed students to leave school or this is the decision of the school principals who should be revised. If it is determined that children were organized by teachers and principals for welcoming a president or any politician or leader of a political party, than it comes to political abuse of children - said the Dragi Zmijanac- Children’s Embassy Megjashi.

After this information the ministry yesterday sent inspectors to the schools.
- We can not say that the day was a holiday, although we know that at the scene there were many students. If this is true, then we would ask that that day be processed along - explained by the Ministry of Education.
The municipality of Tetovo has denied the allegations and said that children were placed randomly on the street.
- We can not dictate anyone that that day will be nonworking, nor organize citizens to come. We know that there were many students, but they came spontaneously because it was the big break between classes - says Barduz Zaim, responsible for relations with the public in the Tetovo’s municipality.

The yesterday’s visit of the President of Albania in the city under Shar Planina, where he was declared an honorary Doctor of Science at the State University of Tetovo, except the large number of children, also was attending the Mayor Sadi.