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Five new charity boxes were placed in Branches and Sub-branches of TTK Bank, and another one in the redaction “Kolibri” of the Newspaper “Nova Makedonija”

The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi in June starts its cooperation with TTK Bank and with the redaction ‘Kolibri”. After the request for placement of the charity boxes and the positive answer charity boxes were placed on this locations:
Branch Skopje - Kapistec
bul. “Naroden Front“ 19 a, TC Beverli Hils, Skopje
Sub-branch Karposh 4 – Skopje
bul. "Partizanski odredi" 127, Skopje
Branch Skopje - Center
"Nikola Vapcarov" 12, 1000 Skopje  
Branch Skopje - Aerodrom
bul. “Jane Sandanski“ bb, Skopje
Sub-branch Avtokomanda – Skopje
"16 Makedonska udarna brigada", Skopje
One charity box was placed in the redaction “Kolibri” as part of the Newspaper “Nova Makedonija”

We are grateful to all our supporters.