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OSCE diplomat had 30,000 pedophile photosOver 30,000 pedophile pictures and a vast number of porn-clips with pedophile content were found in the computer of the Norwegian who worked as an official in the OSCE mission in Macedonia.

The Ministry of internal affairs yesterday, after an investigation that lasted two weeks, filed criminal charges against him for possession of pedophile content on his computer. So far no child of Macedonia has been identified from the photographs and the video materials.

The Norwegian is not available for the law enforcement authorities because he left the country after he heard that the investigation is against him. He holds a diplomatic identity card given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and enjoys functional immunity.

It is not clear how the police let him leave the country although at the day the search was made and the computer with pedophile material was found, he was at the apartment in Skopje. The Norwegian had lived in illegitimate union with Macedonian. She was not involved in crime.

Now Ministry of internal affairs checks if the foreigner was part of a major pedophile network. He had more than 150 gigabytes pornographic material in his computer. He downloaded material mainly from the Internet sites that offer such content. Recently in Macedonia possession pedophile material content is considered as a crime.

For this case the media were informed by the anonymous letter claimed that the Norwegian is involved in the pedophile scandal. For the case a anonymous call was received at the Children's Embassy Megjashi.

For several days the Ministry of internal affairs  was silent for the case, and OSCE dissociates themselves and say that for that competent is the Macedonian police. (A.M.)