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First Children's Embassy with new report and new projects for a better life of the children in MacedoniaFirst Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi troughout our redaction informs about the alternative report, presented this year in February in Geneva. Violation of children's rights, beating up that take place in schools this is only part of the problems children face every day in Macedonia. In front of the Committee on the Rights of the Child at the United Nations in Geneva on the situation of children in our country spoke Elena Dimitrievska and Vaska Bojaxhi. Exchanged experiences and recommendations of the Children's Embassy, is now supported by National Committee on the Rights of the Child of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Consequently, according to the Children's Embassy Megjashi the result of that is the supported campaign with SLOGAN “YOU SHOULD NOT BE SILENT ABOUT THE VIOLENCE” and public campaign against substance abuse, “Life is my movie”, and the free SOS telephone line for children and youth 0800 1 22 22. Children's Embassy Megjashi informed that the Embassy as one of the founding members of the Coalition – “All for fair trial” along with the Office of the coalition has begun the realization of the project of supporting the human rights.

With all these activities, Children’s Embassy Megjashi confirm that regularly they organize meetings, trainings and conferences. They say that in all these activities they aim to raise awareness among citizens and to reduce the problems that affect the Macedonian children. In order to reduce violence, child abuse and to achieve results that will satisfy the children Children’s Embassy Megjashi in its report emphasize cooperation with relevant institutions in the area, but also the unselfish financial support from the European Union and UNICEF shown years ago and even now in the project "Building a Culture of children's participation.
Milica Melova

Tuesday 13 April 2010 11:30