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Action to include all children in educationOur country joins the Global Action Week 2010 to include all children in education, which begins today and runs until April 25 In more than one hundred countries around the world, a world famous soccer stars will interact with millions of children so that all can have the opportunity to go to school and learn. Although there will be an entertainment, the action will try to enter history by reaching the world record for most simultaneous hour.

"In our country every day we meet children who in various ways are deprived of their basic right - the right of education. Therefore it is important that the state can grant this right to all children, "said the First Children's Embassy Megjasi, which is the holder of the campaign in Macedonia.

During the weeklong campaign there will be organized several events, such as dedication of a school class, "One goal: Education for All, which will be held on April 20 in schools throughout the state.

The campaign includes a public hearing - Forum related to the educational inclusion of children who do not go to school, and through that will animate all the relevant factors that can contribute to overcoming the problem of children not included in the formal education system, and to provide mechanisms for their involvement.

A visit is expected to the Ministry of Finance as the competent authority to draw up national budgets from which the public education can be funded.