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More than 18.000 children are not part of the educational systemAuthor Chrtistina Ozimetz 04.14pm \April 23.2010

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The state takes little care of children without parents Two million children are dying from diseases for which there is no vaccine ill children are sent home for further treatment Around 18,500 children in Macedonia are outside the school benches, including 2000 children at the streets, reported by Children’s Embassy Megjashi today's discussion on "Securing the right of education of Roma children
According to Zaklina Durmish of FIOOM, there has been made a small progress in implementing reforms in education, but there is still much work to improve the low education of Roma population.

"Currently in Kumanovo 40 to 80 families are gone on seasonal work in Montenegro and elsewhere, and about 100 children don’t attend classes. All this makes an army of students who neglect education and over time, completely giving up on him, "said Ramiz Osmanovski of NGO Vramasi" - Kumanovo.

"Although this several years we have improved the visit of Roma school children, there are numerous problems that we still face today. Some students do not attend classes because of seasonal work, some because of fear of blood revenge, some of the girls keep younger children in the family, and the majority of Roma children are coming with incomplete documentation, "said Violeta Lashkoska primary school" Dobre Jovanoski - Prilep.

Representatives of international organizations in Macedonia, executives directors at several schools throughout the country, representatives of NGOs etc…, attended the discussion.

Principals of primary schools told to find ways to collaborate with parents of children from marginalized groups, because for now many of them cant or do not know how to help their children with their homework and the processes of education.

The debate was organized by the Foundation Open Society Institute - Macedonia.