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Is there a trafficking with children in Macedonia?Parental neglecting, failing institutions, organized network of Children resellers and organ trafficking .All these are the reasons for more often disappearance of children in the country, say experts.

Police still searches for five year old  Mersida Heldovikj from “Kumanovski bavchi”, as well as her peer and neighbor, Dane Memedi.
Whether it comes to parental negligence or an organized crime group that works with human  trafficking in Kumanovo?
"Should be considered the possibility  that  the children were kidnapped for their organs, for child pornography, or child prostitution," said Angelina Chalakovska, Children’s Embassy Megjasi.
Police sources for A1 TV explained that there are several patterns of trafficking of children. The price ranges from 5 to 30 thousand euros.

Children are sold in an organized chain dealing with begging, the child is taken out of the country through illegal crossing points and ends in Kosovo, Serbia or Romania.
Statistics show that from 2000 to 2009 were reported missing 51 children. Of these, 49 were found, of which four were dead. Ten years Ministry of Internal Affairs is searching for Ljunterie Iseni-Trubarevo ,Skopje.

Three year old  Sunaj Shaqiri of Krushopek, was reported missing since 2002. All these cases are united by one thing - almost all missing children come from rural backgrounds and had lived in substandard conditions.

"It is the responsibility to not only to put blame on the parents even though they have the biggest responsibility in education. There are also public institutions that are expected to be on site to inspect these families, "said Angelina Chalakovska, Embassy Megjasi.

It is expected that - police and social services to work more intensively to discover the reason - whether parental neglect or chain of organized crime contributes to the intensive disappearance of children from the rural areas.