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Visit at the Euro Ambassador Erwan Fouere 
The Euro ambassador Erwan Fouere gave his support to this year’s campaign and he expressed his continuous support for activities intended for the child’s rights protection.

On April 24th 2008, a group of 8 children members of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi and students from the elementary school “26 Juli” paid a visit to his Excellency. Thus, the following report was prepared regarding the children’s impressions:

When we asked him about his childhood, he answered that there were lots of interesting moments. Still, he pointed out that he had a difficult childhood.
On our question about the conditions he lived in when he was a child, he said that he had had unusual conditions for living. In short, he said that every morning he had to get up before his brothers and sisters in order to fill up a bottle of fresh water from the lake near his house. Then, he said that they didn’t have a bathroom in their house, so they had a crack near the fire in order to heat the water and to bath. He gave us very interesting information. In their house, in the middle of the room they had a fireplace where they cooked their meals in canned dishes. The meal had to be prepared in the early morning so that it was done when his sisters and he arrived from school.
Did you have any problems with your education and if so, of which nature were they? He answered that he had had problems with the mathematics, and also he admitted that it wasn’t its best side and he never liked it. His father once told him: “You will never be a successful economist and businessman”
How would you help the children who can not attend the school? The Euro ambassador couldn’t answer this question accurately. He said that this is a serious problem in our state and the government and the relevant institutions should take care of it.
The report was made by Kristijan Angeleski (14 years old)

Member of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi