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The Ministry of Labor and Social politics has closed the doors for the Daily Center for Street Children!!!On 01.04.2008, the Ministry of labor and social politics’ Commission for cooperation with citizen’s associations, made the decision to stop the resources intended for donations for the FIRST CHILDREN”S EMBASSY IN THE WORLD-MEGJASHI in order to realize the project Daily Center for street children in amount of 80000 MKD on monthly basis. According to the Commission’s decision, this amount will be donated to the Association for protection of the children’s rights from Skopje.

FIRST CHILDRENS EMBASSY IN THE WORLD- MEGJASHI in Republic of Macedonia submitted an appeal to this decision claiming that the Commission made it without previous evaluation of the capacity of the organizations. The Commission for resolving issues of labor and social politics’ thematic and health by the Government of Republic of Macedonia has rejected the appeal as groundless. Therefore the FIRST CHILDREN”S EMBASSY-MEGJASHI submitted an appeal to Court.

Despite the lack of finances, the First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi is continuously providing protection and care for this marginalized group of children, street children who live in substandard conditions out of the schools and on the margins of our society and social life. Therefore, we are unable to work with all the 35 children, so we are now working with only 5 of them. The care and services that our Daily center provides every Monday consists of a three hours program of: education on the basic human values, appropriate psychological support, possibility for satisfying their hygienic needs and one meal. We are hoping that the Ministry of Labour and Social Politics will take into consideration the needs of these 35 street children and will change its decision in order to enable us to work with them again.

We wish to express the gratitude we owe to our business partner, the “Rosana” bakery which is supplying us with the meal for the street children in our Day center. Also we wish to express our gratitude to the volunteers who are supporting our efforts in our Daily center for Street Children- Enisa Eminovska, Gjurgjica Petrushevska, Jasminka Petrova and Despina Petreva.

If you are willing to support the work of the Day center for street children, please donate your contribution on the bank accounts which you can find on our donation boxes or dial or send SMS on these telephone numbers: 070/ 14 34 24 and 075/ 14 34 24