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Roli Hope Odeka
I see the world as a country

No division of race or colour

I see the human race
I see the colours of the united rainbow
I am of the human race and never do paint me


The Diplomacy Adviser for children to the Ambassador in Rome, Italy of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi, Republic of Macedonia, is an Italian artiste of a Nigerian origin. She is a writer, a painter, poet and music composer. 

Born in Delta State, Nigeria, she had been hiding her talent, but as she said, she has never stopped listening to the voices in her head. She had simply called them -her invisible friends-. They were the voices she grew up with, and which have guided throughout her childhood.

On 14 of June in Muson Hole in Lagos, Nigeria, the new ROLI.H & GEIGER Foundation was presented, followed by classic opera, lyric music and poet recital by the new formed “Orchestra of the children ambassadors.

You can find more about the diplomacy adviser for children on the web site: www.rolihopeodeka.com