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REPORT ON THE FREE LEGAL SERVICE FOR THE PERIOD OF MARCH-MAY 2008In the period march-may 2008 the free legal service in the FIRST CHILDRENS EMBASSY IN THE WORLD-MEGJASHI reacted in 27 cases regarding the children’s rights. We sent 14 requests to the centers for social services, to the police or some other institution. In 6 cases we sent presumptions to the Ombudsman and in 7 cases we offered our legal help and legal counseling to the person who came in our embassy.

The presumptions were mostly about:

Physical violence towards children in schools
Family violence towards children and parental negligence

The requests were mostly about:

Most frequent were the requests addressed to the social services in cases where the matter of argument was custody over children or parental negligence
We have sent 2 requests to the police station for protection of a child- victim of physical abuse at school, and one request regarding a missing person
We have sent one request to Court of first instance for protection of a child under threat of murder
 We have sent one request to the Ministry of science and education in order to defend the rights of a professor, who was subjected to psychical abuse by his colleges.
FIRST CHILDREN’S EMBASSY-MEGJASHI helped in 2 cases where help was needed in collecting finances for children’s operations and medical care.
Besides these reactions, the free legal service by FIRST CHILDREN’S EMBASSY-MEGJASHI offers legal advices and helps is preparation of legal documents.