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Reaction and demand for prevention and bigger engagement of the state institutions in the matter of child protection, support and help regarding the child abuse and sexual violenceRegarding the latest case of incest, child abuse and rape in Rashche, Skopje, as for the attempt for rape on a seven year old girl in Dobrevo, Probishtip; The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi calls for the most severe condemnation and punishment of the child abusers and rapists. 

The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi reminds all the responsible state institutions that Republic of Macedonia has ratified the  UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and has obliged to respect all the rights assigned by this Convention. The latest cases of sexual abuse of children are an unfortunate example of violation of child rights guaranteed by the Convention. According to article 34 of the Convention, the state parties commit themselves to protect the children from all types of sexual abuse and violence. For this purpose, it is extremely important for the state parties to undertake all appropriate national, bilateral and multilateral measures for prevention of the worst forms of sexual violence.

The world statistics say that 70% of the sexual abuse cases remain unknown because of the children’s fear and shame of the reaction of the environment as well as the fear of the unknown consequences which they will face with. 

We believe that it is very important for the violent act not to remain in silence. We encourage the children, the parents, and the closest family to declare sexual abuse and exhaustion. Our information from the SOS help line for youth and children 0 800 1 22 22 say that the sexual abuse increases. In 2007, 13,5% of the overall calls are of the worst forms of sexual abuse. But, the dark number i.e. the unregistered cases for child abuse is bigger.

Child abuse (sexual, economic, physical as well as the other forms of abuse) is a serious problem and demands bigger attention, prevention and reaction on all levels. It implies synchronised and common prevented action of all relevant factors which take part in the upbringing and care for the children: family, public institution, civil associations and the media.

The parents have great responsibility in the care, prevention and supplying safe childhood for their children. They have to dedicate special attention on the children and to protect them of possible abuse. The responsible parenthood is the best prevention of child abuse.

The school have to dedicate more attention on preventive programs because the education for prevention is the most effective way for fighting against child abuse.

We are looking for from the Centers of Social Care to have intensive insight and to undertake appropriate measures for prevention and custody in the dysfunctional families. The country should invest in building the capacity of the Centers of Social Care through realization of activities for child prevention and protection. The Centers of Social Care should be more flexible, more effective and consistent to follow up the state of possible child abuse in sensitive families as well as taking appropriate measures for preventive action. They can make biggest contribution in prevention of child abuse because they are in direct contact (they should be) with the families. They have a significant role in re-socialization, reintegration and rehabilitation on the children in order to achieve easier and faster overcoming of the consequences.

We demand from the courts to protect the children- victim of sexual abuse at court processes from facing the criminal. We suggest that the child’s statement is made in presence of judge, psychologist, pedagogue and a person from the Centres of Social Care in a special screen room.

We are looking for legislation of System Law for Children’s Prevention or a Law for Pedophilia where all punitive acts will be regulated.

In these cases there is also an obligation for the media to respect the child’s identity and integrity what means not announcing personal information (name, parent’s name, and address, personal information about the case, one or more characteristics for his physical, mental, economic, cultural or social identity). According to the Law for Protection of Personal Data, we remind again on:

The basic directions and principles on the International Journalist Federation for issues reporting in which the children are involved:

1. Carefully to take into consideration the consequences from publizising any material in connection to the children and in that way to reduce the damage over the children   

2. To be careful not to use visual or other identification of the children unless it is in public interest

3. To ensure independent verification of the information that the children give, but to ensure that the verification does not put them in danger

4. The media should not take into consideration or report about the children’s state only as an event, but they should also report about the process itself which leads to appearance of that event.

It’s in the children’s best interest that we pay attention to these details which could have negative effect on them. Their protection is our greatest objective.