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Our celebrity, Vlatko Stefanovski participated in the Global Action Week 2008
On the occasion of the World’s Biggest School Lesson, the worldly famous macedonian musician Vlatko Stefanovski was guest in the first grade class in the Primary School “Jan Amos Komenski”, Skopje.
Every child wanted to ask Vlatko a question. They were mostly concerned about the problem with the children’s illiteration, so they were asking:

-         Do you know how big the problem with the children’s illiteracy is in our country?

-         Have you ever asked yourself how do the street children feel like?

-         Being a celebrity, can you talk to the politicians and tell them to do something about those children?

Vlatko Stefanovski told them that he is acquainted with the children’s illiteracy problem, and that they must have felt really bad not having a home, a family, and an opportunity to go to school. He promised to talk to the politicians and to his celebrity friends, in the purpose to reduce the illiteracy of the children and provide them a quality education and happy childhood.

Towards the end of this most interesting class full of fun, interesting discussion and meaningful massages, Vlatko was surprised of the children’s seriousness. Their questions were intelligent, motivating, well thought and expecting for serious answers. He said that if there’s a bigger engagement of the whole community and of all the parents; we could expect that gradually, this problem could be resolved.

We thank the teacher Roza Vasilevska-member of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi’s board committee for the organization of this event.