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Global Action Week 2008Firstly I would like to congratulate you for the successful leadership in the campaign for the 2008 “Quality education for All: End Exclusion Now!’’, especially to congratulate for the world record where 7.5 million of pupils worldwide attended the World’s Biggest Lesson. 
In Republic of Macedonia, there are over 18000 children who are out of school, that is 5 % of all the children who are supposed to attend school. For seven years now, the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi is trying to improve the situation in Macedonia by giving our best to organize the Global Action Week in our country. In this year's activities, our partners are three NGOs: Blue Sky, MOF – Youth Education Forum, Triangle – Center for Non Formal Education. 

 There are 450 primary and high schools in Republic of Macedonia. For this year’s activities there are 49 schools with 2607 pupils (parents, teachers, members of the municipalities and politicians) who had confirmed their participation in the World’s Biggest Lesson, and there are schools which did not send the authentication form on time, but they participated at the event.

During the Global Action Week we planed and successfully organized the following activities:

-         22.04.2008 (Tuesday) - Media tour in purpose of preparing a study cases through which we presented a realistic image of the meaning of the education and hopefully, we raised the public awareness of the importance of the education. In this media tour, 3 Media House participated and they made their contribution to our goal with 3 supplements on their media.

- With a group of 12 children we were received at the Ministry of Education, where the Councilor for Education made an oath that the Ministry would undertake activities for quality education and for ending the exclusion.

-         23.04.2008 (Wednesday) the World Biggest Lesson was organized in 49 schools across the Republic. The main event took place in the Elementary School “26 July” at 10h in Shuto Orizari in Skopje.

- the Meyers of  the Cities Ohrid, Resen, Meyers of  municipalities Gazi Baba, Kriva Palanka, Vrapciste and from 85 municipalities in Republic of Macedonia members of Council For Educations of over 30 municipalities had attended on the World Biggest Lesson.       

-         24.04.2008 (Thursday) –Debate Day- A forum of debate where precise opinions and attitudes of the students, parents, teachers, and politicians were made in order to point out the importance of better participation in the school process and  quality education. The Debate Day occurred in more than 30schools which participated in The World’s Biggest Lesson. The main debate was on the Faculty of Philosophy, University of “St. Cyril and Metodious”, in Skopje.

-  With a group of 10 children we were received by the Euro Ambassador in Republic of Macedonia, H.E. Erwan Fuere. The children from the school of “26 of July” where we had our central activity, and children from The First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi expressed their opinions about what should be done for quality education and for the end of exclusion. 

-         25.04.2008 (Friday) – There was a four hour’s Event in the city park, where NGO’s and school sections promoted different and amusing ways for education of young people.

In this envelope we are sending you Authentication form and reports from all the schools that participated in Macedonia (49), and we added to the authentication form a Macedonian translation bellow the English part so that everyone could understand the content. About the authentication form some of the forms and the records are only on Macedonian because some of the people that organized the lesson in the schools do not know English. We have sent to them promotional material, guidelines for the events and authentication form by post.

We are sending to you our promotional materials:

-         One promotional DVD that we made for this event, which was emitted on the following TV stations in Macedonia: the national TV stations MTV, Kanal 5, Telma, A1 and other local TV stations as MTM, Shutel, BTR and many others in the local cities.

-         One T-shirt of Shakira with our motto “Everyone in school”; we gave T-shirts to the students who were acting as “teachers” on our central event in the school ‘’26 of July’’ in Shuto Orizari in the capital city of Skopje, and on our closing activity in the city park

-         One balloons with our motto for the closing event “Everyone in school” in our city park in our capital Skopje.

-         Paper hat where on three languages was written “Everyone in school, quality education”. On the top of the paper hat on Macedonian was written “Everyone together, end of illiteracy”.

-         Leaflet with information’s for Global Campaign for Education and Global Action Week adapted on Macedonian circumstances.   

We owe our great gratitude to our financial partners Cosmofon and MCMS Macedonian Center for International Cooperation which helped us in the organization of Global Action Week 2008. We are also thankful to our dear colleague Mr. Rexhep Raimi for his help in the organization of the event in the primaru school “26 Juli”. 

We are hoping that we will keep the good tradition of organizing Global Action Week successfully in the years to follow in the Republic of Macedonia.