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SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE SKOPJETo: First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi
Respected friends,

In the name of the children from the SOS children’s village Skopje, we thank you for your donation of shampoos. We’ve carefully distributed them to our SOS families.

All donated goods are registered and used for the needs of our SOS families. Each donation represents a contribution to the family budget and it’s of great importance for us as guardians of a part of the most wanrable group in our society and that is the children without parents.

The SOS Children’s village Macedonia is a part of the big family of SOS Children’s villages (SOS Kinderdorf) all over the world, which basic goal is to provide a home, a family and better care of the children without parents. 

It’s an organization which provides family approach in the long-term care of children without parents and parental care.

The SOS Children’s village in Skopje began its work in 2002, and so far there are 79 children in 12 family houses. There are 12 SOS mothers who continuously take care of these children. A SOS mother is a professional for child’s care; she is the leader of the family and responsible for the care and the development of every child in her family.

The work of the SOS children’s village is financed by donations and sponsorships.

With your donation, you’ve helped the children. You’ve become a part of their circle of friends and you’ve given your contribution for their better future.

Once again, I thank you for your humanity and support for the children of the Children’s village Skopje.

Jasmina Trajkovska