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Demand of responsibility for child maltreatment in a group visit to JErusalem (travel without visas and major organizational defaults) 

On March 31st 2008, the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi made its reaction and demanded responsibility from Mr. Damjan Stojanoski, general secretary of the Child Embassy For All Children from Prilep, for:

v     Three day’s maltreatment of children in group visit to Jerusalem,

v     For irresponsible organizing a group visit of children to Jerusalem without visas

v     For charging the airport services in amount of 70 euro for airport taxes

v     For incorrect rapport towards the children in this touristic travel

At the same time we demanded from the District Attorney and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to investigate if Mr. Damjanco Stojanoski had an approval from the parents to organize this travel to Israel and to verify his statement given in the public which said that he had had all the documents needed for travel to Israel. We demanded from the District Attorney to initiate a penal procedure for the organizer Mr. Damjanco Stojanoski who is legal representative and to investigate the existence, the objectives of the Child embassy for all children in Prilep, and also to investigate in which purpose and intention this travel to Israel was made.

We demanded from the Public Revenue Office and from independent revisers to conduct control of the finance work of this citizen organization from Prilep; to verify is its resources received from all sponsorships made by socially responsible companies, are properly intended and spent. Also, to verify the credibility of its statement saying that 12000 Euros from his own budget were given in purpose of this travel. 

We encouraged the parents to denounce their children’s maltreatment. One parent stated: “We very much exited for this trip and hoped that our children would enjoy it. Instead, 13 years old children spent hours on the airports because they hadn’t had visas”. 


Six mounts ago, the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi demanded that this citizen organization to be removed from the register of citizen associations and demanded its penal responsibility for organizing the scandalous event: Macedonia in NATO- we the children their gold”, where the 200 children were manipulated and abused in political goals. 

Hereby we consider Mr. Damjanco Stojanoski’s avoidance of responsibility to be also an indication of disrespect towards the Macedonian Orthodox Church. 

We remind that the children are under special protection by the Constitution of Republic of Macedonia, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and other laws which guarantee and protect children’s rights and their best interests. 

The the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi strongly reacts against the last actions of the Child Embassy For All Children- Prilep and addresses an appeal to all media to distinguish the names of these two organizations which have same goal- to protect the children’s rights; but they act and work differently.