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“Children’s Rights on the Internet- Safe and Protected” CRISP

On May 6th, 7th and 8th 2008, a seminar was held in hotel Klimetica, Ohrid, as part of the work plan of the project “Protection and safety of children and their rights on Internet”- CRISP. 

The carrier of the project is the Foundation for sustainable informatics solutions- Metamorphosis in partnership with the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi, and financed by the European Union.

The Project “Children’s rights on Internet- Safe and Protected”- CRISP (www.crisp.org.mk or www.bezbednonainternet.org.mk ), has the assignment to educate the children, then the parents and the teachers for the ways to protect the children and to keep them safe online.

In order to accomplish this, there were previously realized activities. A network of 11 NGO’s has made an objective to dedicate their work on the children’s rights on Internet and there were resources created (leaflets, brochures, a guide for child’s rights on Internet, a website and a poster with the Charter for the Child’s Rights on Internet).

During the seminar, there was a training held for the members of the citizen organizations and the representatives of the schools where the lecture (the educations) for protection and safety for children on Internet.
The training consisted of three workshops.


Photo 1: Workshop for the child’s rights- First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi. The workshop was conducted by Gordana Pirkovska Zmijanac and Dragi Zmijanac.


Photo 2: Workshop for protection of the personal data- Department for protection of the personal data. The workshop was conducted by Elena Stojanovska.


Photo 3: Workshop for presentation of the website’s content- Foundation Metamorphosis. The workshop was conducted by Irina Shumadieva.

There were 42 participants from 9 cities of the country and from 12 citizen organizations.

From Skopje, 11 representatives from 4 citizen organizations were present: Youth Educational Forum, Open the Windows, First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi and Foundation Metamorphosis; one representative form the Department for protection of the personal data and 4 representatives from 2 elementary and 2 high schools: “26 July” (elementary school), “Zlatan Sremec”( elementary school for children of easier intellectual deficiency), “Partenie Zografski” ( Center for rehabilitation, high school for children of damaged hearing), “ Pance Karagjozov” ( high school).     

Prilep: 2 representatives from the Citizen Organization Center for citizen initiatives and one representative from “Koco Racin”( elementary school) and “ Kuzman Josifovski Pitu” ( high school).

Bitola: 2 representatives from CO Youth Cultural Center.

Ohrid: 2 representatives form CO Youth Council Ohrid and 2 representatives from the elementary school “Bratstvo Edinstvo”.

Stip: 2 representatives from CO Center for Support of the NGO’s.

Kumanovo: 2 representatives from CO Humanitarian Association “Mother”, 2 representatives from the elementary school “Brakja Miladinovci” and one representative from the high school “Nace Bugjoni”.

Gostivar: one representative from CO Association for Democratic Initiatives, one representative from the elementary school “Ilirija” and two representatives from the high school in Gostivar.

Delcevo: one representative from CO Phurt.

Kavadarci: three representatives from CO Council for Prevention from Juvenile Delinquency and one representative from the elementary school “Toso Velkov Pepeto”.

The following impressions of the training were expressed:

-         I consider this seminar as very important and useful, because it addresses a current subject of our concern. We as educators, will transmit the message to the young generations, but to the adults also, hoping to raise the consciousness for the internet problems.

-         We all pay attention only to the usefulness of the Internet and the availability of the information, thereby presenting our personal data through registering on many sites. Thus, we do not take into consideration the danger of what can happen! The usefulness of this seminar is in the raising of our consciousness for where and how to present our personal data. Be careful!

-         I liked the workshops, the games and the presentation of the material. The website is fantastic and it a good thing if someone takes the responsibility of working on the safety on Internet.

I liked the fact that the seminar comprises a contemporary problem and without adequate knowledge of this problematic, many children and adults are potential victims.