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THE LAW FOR DONATIONS AND SPONSORSHIPS, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN PRACTICE IN MACEDONIA GENEL - MEGJASHI Cooperation between Megjashi and Genel – for each bought Cannon product, 1 Euro for Megjashi’s activities

During July, we have signed the first agreement for donation of public interest, according to the Law for Donations and Sponsorships.

The Trade Association for Manufacturing, Services and Sales “GENEL Filip” DOOEL Skopje and the First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi have signed the agreement for donation of public interest. Namely, during the year, this company will donate assets for the work of the SOS Helpline and Free Legal Service in the amount of 1 Euro for each sold Cannon product by GENEL Filip Dooel.

By participating in this activity, Genel directly supports our target group, but also continues to affirm their image as socially responsible company..

The Resolution was brought by the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Macedonia on July 20th 2007.


In September, Genel sold 171 products covered with the action for donations, and according to the contract, 171 Euros were collected which will be used for the agreed purposes.

We would like to express our big gratitude to the company Genel!