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CONFERENCE FOR “KEEPING CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE SAFE ON-LINE” IN WARSAWThe pedophilia and the violence among children (sms messages and e-mails) develop on a parallel with the technology. As afore mentioned, the pedophilia is present everywhere, and believe it or not it present on the Internet, too. The children must be educated and they have to learn how to protect their own privacy when they are on-line.
In Warsaw, Poland, from 16-17 October 2007 a conference was organized under the title “Keeping children and young people safe on-line”. There were 280 delegates who worked on the resolution to this problem. Most of the presentations were performed by the British participants from citizen’s organizations whose mission is to protect children when they are on-line or using mobile phones. The hosts, Poland (Nobody’s children foundation & NASK) and Spain, Czech and USA presented their projects.

At the beginning on the first day of the conference, a short introduction was made on the programs for education of the children for safety when they are on-line. Four sessions that cover different topics: Understanding child sex offender behavior, Internet safety in schools, online gaming and Workshop for ISPs/ICPs (Internet service providers/Internet cache protocol), were offered. Everyone was invited to choose one session to participate in. I was a part of a workshop for Internet safety in schools, where the delegates from Britain and Poland presented their own projects, web sites and publications for children’s protection on-line.

The second day was reserved for a role of Law enforcement. Internet help lines, Internet addictions and a workshop for Law enforcement: working with child abuse were the sessions for this day. Internet help lines was my option. Participants from America, Czech and Spain presented their mechanisms and cooperation with different institutions for the excellent work of the Internet help lines.

It was a real pleasure to be a part of this International conference where I was able to see how other countries are facing these confronting, but also resolving this problem. I hope that we will organize a conference in Macedonia next year, with the goal to get better on the area of protection of children’s rights on-line.