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Chemical castration for the pedophiles in Macedonia

Newspaper VECER 6 April 2011 The ultimate solution to the world problem

The continued use of medication therapy suppresses the sexual capacity of the pedophileThe pedophiles are a danger to every society, and their crimes are certainly among the most disgusting which can be done by a human being. The scars left by these half-human are permanent and indelible, and the victims will always carry the trauma of the hell which they went through, if they managed o survive.


The problem with pedophilia is a cancer-scar for every society and every country in the world. Unfortunately the solution is not in sight despite the numerous scientific and medical researches and the changes in the penal policies. Re-socialization almost never succeeds nor the medication and psychiatric therapies. That’s why some countries have decided on far stronger pace with which they hope to eradicate this evil, which is chemical castration. The chemical castration is compulsory for pedophiles in Poland, Russia, Moldova, Czech Republic and in some U.S. states.


The debate about the chemical castration in Romania last year got intense after the tragic event in the southwestern city Dzhimbolija where a 10-year-old girl was sexually assaulted and then killed by the neighbor. The competent authorities in Macedonia have no specific and unified opinion on this issue and the introduction of this type of protection. Dragi Zmijanac, the Executive Director and founder of the First Children's Embassy in the World - Megjashi explained about the possibility of chemical castration to be introduced in Macedonia.


- If the chemical castration is possible and applicable in other countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Moldova, Russia, South Korea, we do not see why it can not be applicable in our region. In Denmark, the chemical castration is performed to pedophiles-returnees while in the Czech society; the surgical castration is seen as an act that helps pedophiles. The chemical castration combined with a limited or full access to the archive of convicted pedophiles in the past may somewhat help in reducing the recidivism, but my belief is that despite the increased penalties for pedophiles and the possible introduction of chemical castration, these repressive measures will not have a preventive character for suppression of the pedophilia in Macedonia, said Zmijanac.


The chemical castration is a process that includes medications that suppress the libido of the person that it is applied to. The chemical castration is not like surgery that removes the testicles or ovaries nor is form of sterilization. It is a kind of medication therapy, which is a return process because after the termination of the treatment, the body functions are returned almost to normal. The mixture is from anti-androgen drugs that are injected every three months. The composition of these injections reduces the sex drive, the compulsive sexual fantasies and the capacity for the sexual excitement in the subjects of its use.


Given the delicacy of this matter, specifically the right of ownership over their own bodies the question about the ethics of the procedure is inevitable.

- The chemical castration or the medication therapy is more ethical than the surgical castration. However, it does not completely solve the problem of repetition. It can not provide assurance that the perpetrators of this serious crime, rape of children, will be able to control the urge. There is no reliable treatment for rehabilitation for the pedophiles while in prison, no reliable and enhanced surveillance when they are on freedom and are a danger for the children, and the society hasn’t built a reliable treatment and measures to prevent the recidivism, said Zmijanac.


Numerous controversies surround this topic, particularly regarding the effectiveness of the chemical castration. Since the effect is not permanent, there is a risk that the pedophile will be able to repeat the offense.The preventive measures which could be taken in order to reduce the cases of pedophilia, despite the chemical castration are small. Past practice shows that the perpetrators of such acts often repeat the same offense after they are released.- We think that in terms of preventive action would be introducing a combination of several measures simultaneously one of which would be the chemical castration, but in combination with installation of locators or mobile electronic bracelets that would have insight at any point where the perpetrator of the crime in located it would be preventive, said Zmijanac. According to him, these activities should be monitored by a specially formed team who would be part of the cooperation between the police and the Center for Social Work. Special attention should be paid to their resettlement.One of the options for resettlement is a model of prison-hospital in total isolation of the perpetrators of these crimes, where a professional team could work with them and there will be an opportunity for the perpetrators of these offenses through community service to contribute within their skills and capabilities.


The Macedonian Ministry of Justice is working on amendments that would allow registration of pedophiles and rapists. The names of 68 Macedonian citizens, who are convicted of sexual attacks on children, will be posted online. The list will contain all the photos and personal details of the convicted pedophiles. The government expects that this list will contribute to the enhanced fight against pedophilia in the country.


How do social workers act with the children - victims of pedophilesIn case of discovering a victim attacked by a pedophile, a team of educator, psychologist and social worker work on rehabilitation of the victim. The rehabilitation process is traumatic for the child because every observation being made reminds the victim of the case.


Nighttime urination, insomnia, fear of the dark and closed space, fear of doctors and in general fear of meeting people, especially those from the nearest surroundings, are the symptoms that occur in the children - victims of pedophiles.-We are working on overcoming the memories that the victims have, to minimize and forget them in order to be able to re-establish relationships with the people who do not think badly of them. Unfortunately the trauma usually remains for life, says Krsto Maljanovski, director of the Center for Social Work.


Newspaper VECER 6 April 2011(S.R. O.Ch.)